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Making the choice to knockdown and rebuild your new home in a place you already love is the start of an exciting and aspirational journey. As a premium builder we offer the expertise to guide you through the journey, with our very personalised concierge-orientated service ensuring you are informed at each stage of the process to deliver your dream home to the highest quality possible.

Designs You’ll Love Coming Home To

Our thoughtful range of architecturally crafted home designs cater to the varying lifestyle needs of our clients, their block of land and the location. Each series includes distinctive North Homes which perfectly balance beauty with practicality, an abundance of natural light within the home, and combine a selection of inclusions levels, offering the versatility and options to personalise your home to your taste and style.

The Knockdown Rebuild Journey

We pride ourselves on the personalised service we offer, and we highly value the importance of keeping our clients informed and confident throughout each step of their knockdown rebuild journey.







To find out more about our personalised approach to your knockdown and rebuild, download our brochure below.

Popular Knockdown Rebuild Designs

Book Your Free Site Assessment

At North Homes, the first thing we do as part of our personalised service, is conduct a free assessment of your site. This enables us to capture all the relevant information we need about your land, including the build zone, site suitability assessment and preliminary site checks, to ensure we present you with the right home solution options that are perfect for your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I budget for my knockdown rebuild?

As finance is one of the biggest considerations when choosing a knockdown rebuild solution, we believe it’s a good idea to speak to your lender as early as possible in the process to assess how much you can borrow. Your budget will help determine your design and additional features that will fit within your budget.

Remember, apart from the actual build, there are other considerations you may want to factor in, such as where you will stay during the build and additional inclusions you may want. We recommend including a buffer so you can truly finish your home the way you had always dreamed.

Of course, if you don’t already have a lender, we’d be happy to refer you to a highly experienced and specialised mortgage broker to assist with obtaining a pre-approval and guiding you through to completion to help make the process seamless.

What does the demolition process involve?

The first step in the demolition process is finding the right demolition contractor for your project. It is essential you find one that is both credible and holds the correct licenses. At North Homes, we can always refer a demolition contractor to you.

Timing your demolition is also very important. The team at North Homes will advise you on when the right time is to demolish your home.

Do you have the right home for me?

At North Homes, we have a range of impressive single and double storey home designs with popular pre-determined options to help you personalise your home to suit your needs, as well as various block sizes and types.

All of our homes have been architecturally designed with a focus on maximising space and natural light with an emphasis on clever, functional design to create well crafted living spaces throughout each home.

No matter what size or type of site you have, we are more than confident you’ll find the perfect design for your forever home at North Homes. View our home designs here.

How do I start my knockdown rebuild?

When starting your knockdown rebuild journey, there are a few things worth knowing and researching to help you make the right decision. Here are a few important steps to ensure your process runs smoothly.

Step 1: Know the details of your block. Make sure you have your titled documents with all overlays and caveats to help with understanding build restrictions and considerations.

Step 2: Think about the future – take the time to think about how you want to live in the years ahead and what may change. Put your wish list together, considering your family members and even your pets to create your dream home.

Step 3: Know your style – create a mood board of what you like including styling, finishes and aesthetics, and colour preferences to assist at colour selection appointments. That will help match the style choices to your vision.

Step 4: Seek our help when needed – we pride ourselves on helping our clients find the best styling solutions. Call us to make an appointment and we can help you with everything from floorplans to colour schemes.

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