Our Facades

Our facades are thoughtfully designed to enhance each estate as well as the streetscape whilst delivering a sense of arrival. We consider all aspects of the location, developing specific facades for each of our boutique estates to create a harmonious flow that elevates the style, creating a special, more premium feel to the entire community.

Lifting from popular design themes each estate presents a range of design options to choose from so you can select the style that best represents you.

Facades You Love Coming Home To

From our modern Hamptons designs showcasing a relaxed elegance, our popular French Provincial façade presenting a classic and timeless appeal, to our Contemporary or Modern facades with clean lines and a fresh sleek finishes, you’re sure to find the look you will love coming home to.

Exterior Selections

First impressions are lasting and at North Homes, we want your home to stand out from the moment someone first lays eyes on it. Once you’ve selected your façade, we offer you another level of personalisation by choosing the colour scheme of your exterior.

Meticulously curated by our design team to create a cohesive look for your home our exterior colour selections present an inspiring range of stylish looks to choose from so you can create something truly special.


This cool and composed look uses peaceful hues of dove grey and hints of burnt orange to radiate modern calm. Swirls of marbled texture add a stunning point of interest to this look.



Textured, calming neutrals are at the heart of this fresh look. Sandy beiges and creamy whites combine with dark grey tones to add depth to this palette which will introduce a quiet sophistication to your exterior.



Earthy shades of coffee and chocolate with creamy undertones draw you into this beautiful, intriguing palette. Create a warm, inviting ambience to your home with these contrasting hues.



Moody, modern elegance resonates deeply in this stormy mix of darker tones. Subtle touches of blue hued grey and cream add a cool contrast to this rich palette.