Move forward in style when you refer a friend.

When you refer friends and family to purchase with North Homes, we have an exciting offer to show just how much we appreciate both your loyalty and recommendations – a $1000* Freedom Gift Card.

You can refer as many people as you like, if they are not previously registered on a North Homes database. Not only are you giving your loved ones the opportunity to own a beautifully designed North Home, but you also have the chance to receive an enviable reward for your efforts.

How it works

Refer a friend or family member and if they build with us, you’ll receive a $1,000* Freedom gift card.

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    Do you know someone who is looking to build a home? If so, and they haven’t started their journey yet, ask them if you can put their name forward to North Homes for our referral program.

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    Email your friend’s details to us at

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    Once we receive the referral form, we will contact your friend and discuss their new home requirements with them.

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    If your friend signs up to build a beautiful new home with us, you’ll receive your reward.

Frequently Asked

When will I receive my bonus?

You will receive your gift card once the customer you referred completes the slab down stage of their build journey. The primary contact on your Customer Profile will receive an email notification.

How many people can I refer?

As many as you like, and you’ll be rewarded for as many customers that complete the slab down stage of their build journey.

How much can I earn?

You can earn a $1,000* Freedom gift card per friend referred. Your gift card will then be distributed once they reach slab down stage.

What if my referred friend cancels, will I still be rewarded?

No, unfortunately not. If your referred friend’s contract is cancelled, you will no longer receive the gift voucher.

What are the eligibility criteria to start referring?

You can start referring once you’ve signed your North Homes building contract with your New Homes Consultant. Refer to eligibility criteria as part of the Terms and Conditions below.

'Refer a Friend' Term & Conditions

$1,000 Freedom gift card refer a friend program is valid from 1st August 2023 – 31st December 2023. Program Eligibility: Customers are eligible to refer a prospective customer once they have signed their preliminary works contract and obtained a job number. The Referral Reward is only payable if: (1) The new customer was created from 1st August 2023. (2) Both the referrer and the new customer enter and complete a building contract, with an allocated job number with North Homes. (3) The new customer completes construction stage (concrete slab down) and the referrer has already completed this stage. (4) The new customer must be a genuine friend or contact introduced by the referrer, and not live with or will eventually live in the same household as the referrer. (5) The new customer has not already engaged with a North Homes Consultant; or already be on the database prior to the referral being undertaken. (6) The referral is made via the North Homes website or directly with a North Homes Consultant. (7) The referrer or new customer’s contract is effective (and not cancelled for any reason). (8) Both parties are not employed with North Homes. (9) The referrer and new customer are a North Homes customer only. Referral Reward: For referring a new customer, the referrer will receive a $1,000 Freedom Gift Card up to one month after the new customer completes construction stage (concrete slab down) and the referrer has already completed this stage. The referrer reward will be emailed directly to the primary contact on the referrer job detail up to one month after the new customer’s home completes construction stage (Slab Down). Multiple referrals can be made by the same referrer, and for each new customer that completes construction stage, one of the referral rewards will be issued. These terms and conditions are valid for eligible new customers and those who referred them to North Homes from 1st August 2023. North Homes reserve the right to amend or terminate the Program at any time, for any reason. The decision of North Homes shall be final and not contested. No correspondence will be entered into. Builder Licence No. 374999c.

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